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Welcome to SWOHSHL's website!

Welcome to the SWOHSHL website! 

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2016-2017 District Tournament

2016-2017 District Tournament


Elder advances to the round of 8 in districts!!!


SWOHSHL teams go 5-8 in the first two rounds. Nice work SWOHSHL!


by Master Admin posted 02/13/2017
2016-2017 SWOHSHL Tournament Champions

2016-2017 SWOHSHL Tournament Champions

Congratulations to St X on winning their first SWOHSHL tournament! The Bombers won 5-2 over Elder.











2016-2017 Gold Tournament Champions

Congratulations to the Beavercreek Beavers on winning the Gold tournament over Mason 6-4.


by Master Admin posted 02/13/2017
Tournament Rules & Schedules

SWOHSHL Tournament Setup

2016-2017 Season

SWOHSHL Tournament Setup:

SWOHSHL Tournament -link to bracket

1st Round:

  • 1st and 2nd Red get a bye
  • 3rd  Red vs. 1st  Gold
  • 4th  Red  vs. 5th  Red       


  • Align games so 1 Red plays lowest seed remaining and 2 Red plays 2nd  lowest team remaining
  • Highest seeds plays first game of the day


  • Two remaining teams play on Sunday

SWOHSHL Gold Tournament Setup:

SWOHSHL Gold Tournament -link to bracket


  • 2nd Gold will get a bye
  • 3rd Gold vs. 4th Gold       


            - 2nd will play the winner 3rd Gold and 4th Gold game


Tournament Rules:

Procedure for any tournament game resulting in a tie after 3 periods of regulation play:

  1. 8 minute 5v5 sudden death overtime
  2. 5 person (per team) shootout (home team decides which team goes first; no player can be used twice until all eligible players on a team have gone once; if score remains tied after 5 players have gone from each team, then a single elimination shootout begins; players in the penalty box or disqualified from game cannot participate in shootout)

Seeding Rules:

In deciding seeds for the tournament, if a tie in regular season record between two or more teams exists, then the following procedure will be used to decide ties:

            1.)  Head to Head

            2.)  Record vs. your division

            3.)  Record vs. the overall league

            4.)  Goal differential

            5.)  Least penalty minutes


Red Division Champion:  determined by the most points in the Red Division

Gold Division Champion:  determined by the most points in the Gold Division

League Champion:  determined by the winner of the SWOHSHL Tournament

SWOHSHL Gold Tournament Champion: determined by winner of SWOHSHL Gold Tournament

by Tony Morris posted 01/30/2017
2016-2017 Update

At the annual summer league meeting, a vote was taken on Mason joining the league as a varsity team. The vote passed unanimously. Springboro informed the league that they will be moving to the Capital Hockey Conference. 

The coaches also voted on division alignment. Elder, after winning the Gold Division tournament, will move to the Red Division along with Troy, who won the Gold Division regular season. Mason, after their probationary season, will be added to the Gold Division. 

All other league rules will remain the same for the 2016-2017 season.

We will have a new league champion in 2017!!!

by Master Admin posted 09/12/2016

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